#|BADDIE| "Baddieco" 

   by Raquel Massielle

#|BADDIE| ("Baddieco") is specifically designed for the everyday beautiful, hardworking, and independent woman of all stages in life. Whether you are a college student, single mother, married or working woman. You should feel BAD effortlessly. #|BADDIE| ("Baddieco") is designed to give women the ability to make a bold statement in the simplest form. #|BADDIE| ("Baddieco") Is meant to be worn anywhere from night clubs, grocery stores, the gym, the pool, etc. #|BADDIE| ("Baddieco") creates the versatility in fashion to allow women to be free, free to express themselves uninhibited and fashionably. #|BADDIE| ("Baddieco") frees women of the “typical” labels of society through uniquely designed Urban Hippie Chic Street wear.

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#|BADDIEI is a registered Trademark established in September 2013.  All Rights Reserved. 

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